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Jack W

First of all I would like to say the Athlete's Foot I had was the worst I have ever seen on anyone. The first night it sprung up, it was not visible. But it was so bad, I didn't sleep but an hour and a half that night. It felt like my whole feet (and hands were covered with it too!) we covered with fire-ant bites. If I tried to relax, the throbbing kept me up. So I tried a few of the methods from this website from the first page, vinegar, hot water/cold water technique, probiotic cultures, and though the hot water offered temporary relief, soon after my BRUTAL itch returned. I also used a generic brand of Tinactin and Lotrimin foot powder. They may have been working, but nothing fast enough to squelch the tenacious burning. Then on the third day, after evening service at church I asked a nurse friend what I could do about it. She recommended BLEACH. Undiluted if directly applied to the skin, but rinse off after a minute or so, or if you are going to soak with bleach, be sure it is diluted to about a 10:1 proportion. So I tried that. You feel an immediate warmth afterward when you use bleach. I repeated that process twice before bed and in the following morning. The next morning what was agonizing me so finally became visible, as I believe it was deeply rooted under layers of my skin. The palms of my hands and soles of my feet were NEARLY COMPLETELY COVERED with spots, dots, and blisters. However within less than 24 hours, while I was at work the next day, I felt the burning begin to subside. So I kept repeating bleach (I also afterward used Lotrimin once my feet were dry). The day after - no burning - discomfort 95% gone.

So BLEACH did it for me. And let me stress again I had the worst and most vicious strain I have ever seen. I used concentrated bleach. You can use Lotrimin foot powder too, but bleach was what really carried the punch. And I will stress that again!


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Careful dont forget that what you put on your skin is absorbed by the body, its as if you drank he bleach. Bleach incontact with the skin is known to cause cancer.

' Bleach is one of the most corrosive and deadly chemicals and still it can be found at every supermarket and drugstore in the nation. With such broad household use, it's important to remember the risk it poses to children (especially because small amounts will affect them more than adults) or anyone unaware of its effects.

The burn you feel when using bleach products or the coughing you may experience is a sign of the corrosive properties of bleach in your body. And that slippery feeling of bleachon your skin? That's actually caused by the lye (caustic soda) reacting to the fats and oils on your skin.'


Pure bleach or actually any bleach on the skin is a very bad idea. I am sure it works but it's very toxic, as mentionned on all bleach bottles.
Please refer instead to the urine + soil treatment, after trying all sorts of (non-toxic) things, it's the only thing that worked for me. 40 minutes in soil + fresh urine. Proportions don't matter, al long as the mix goes all over your foot. I also used a 'scraping white rock' to remove all the dead skins at the end. Thank god because it had spread to all my feet including the ball and heel making super thick patches of dead skin you can easily dig in.

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