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A few years ago at college one semester my hair literally started falling out at the crown of my head i had a smooth bald spot the size of a tenis ball i thought it would never grow back, i bought Wild Growth hair Oil(local beauty supply) and mixed it with castor oil(not grease) massaged a little into that spot everyday once in awhile i would add a drop or two of peppermint oil to stimulate my scalp within a month and a half i had fuz growing then it started to grow rapidly and WAY thicker than the rest of my hair it was crazy having two different textures but for at least a year it remained thicker than the rest of my hair. After 5 months of using that my hair grew to the length of the rest of my hair. The combination of the wild growth oil and castor oil is amazing i use it to this day and have others using it on their non existent edges who have seen amazing results, (men and women everyone can use it) Alsocutting the stress out of your life also helps stop hair loss.

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nalina :)

Dis remedy is absolute amazing. Tried it my self castor oil was used by the Egyptians for many beauty reasons one of the easiest remedies 2 use and works wonderful. Now you can feel lyk an Egyptian goddess it also helps in darking the hair.awersom stuff


Well I'm currently suffering hair loss right now and I'm hopin ur remedy will help me, cause I'm feelin uneasy and depress ryt naw. But with your remedy I see hope and please wish me luck


will you please add how much to mix on your post i realy want to try it

bcuz i need help Thank You


tried this method and felt some improvements in my hairs. keep posting such ideas.

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