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Lastnight was the worse night of my life. I toSsed and turned on my bed for hours before geTting up and concluding that enough is enough. yesterday I got a slight toothache but by nighfall it became worse. that feeling like a throbbing heartbeat in my gum was endless! I was on my bed when I got to this page. I tried gargling the peroxide, it worked but for a few minutes till the pain came back. Then I tried the warm water on a towel, this worked till the water became cold. Then I tried gargling the warm water and salt it did nothing for me. I was crying and desperate then I recalled someone posting about the toothpaste. So I took my toothpast (Colgate Total) and gently on the swollen gum. Instant relief! The pain went from 100% to 5%. I won't lie it hurt but it wasn't as terrible like before. I finally went to bed @ 4am. I got up the next day PAIN FREE!! Got some Advil for backup but I guess that wasn't necessary. The toothpaste assisted immensely and I'm going to use it till I'm ready to make that dentist appointment next week! Hope this helps someone out.

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Victoria M

My daughter has been dealing with her wisdom tooth coming in. This one has given her problems from the beginning. I been searching for something to help her as Ive tried so many things and nothing was working. Neither one of us has gotten any sleep. I tries this one and within five minutes she is out. Now just to get her in her own bed lol. Thank you so much for this post. Good night time to get some rest

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