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Lastnight was the worse night of my life. I toSsed and turned on my bed for hours before geTting up and concluding that enough is enough. yesterday I got a slight toothache but by nighfall it became worse. that feeling like a throbbing heartbeat in my gum was endless! I was on my bed when I got to this page. I tried gargling the peroxide, it worked but for a few minutes till the pain came back. Then I tried the warm water on a towel, this worked till the water became cold. Then I tried gargling the warm water and salt it did nothing for me. I was crying and desperate then I recalled someone posting about the toothpaste. So I took my toothpast (Colgate Total) and gently on the swollen gum. Instant relief! The pain went from 100% to 5%. I won't lie it hurt but it wasn't as terrible like before. I finally went to bed @ 4am. I got up the next day PAIN FREE!! Got some Advil for backup but I guess that wasn't necessary. The toothpaste assisted immensely and I'm going to use it till I'm ready to make that dentist appointment next week! Hope this helps someone out.

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Everyone has to remember that there are different reasons for the pain we are experiencing. Some of us may have a rotten tooth some may be infected some not.My advice is try everything until u find relief. I used pure salt. Wet my finger dipped it in salt and stuck it all around my tooth and within 30sec the pain was gone and it was so severe i almost went to e.r
Good luck everyone. Bc id rather have a baby any day before i want this tooth pain. It is truly unbearable and i feel for anyone that is up


This worked like a charm, thank you very much.


I just put it on and it works a little bit.




Thank you so much for a wonderful really worked...


My tooth pain is from sinusitis not a bad tooth. I applied Sensodyne toothpaste to the gum and it is giving me some relief,thank goodness. Hopefully now I can get some sleep. Also just took 2 Tylenol in case the toothpaste wears off.

Carmela Dawb

This really works. Thank you so much
The pain really subsided!


Omg I have gone through so many different things but this one actually worked thank you so much


Thank you Thank you Thank you! This worked like a charm. I had a toothache for the past 2 days and I have been taking tylenol or ibruprofen and it hardly worked. I still felt the tense throbbing pain and just making me miserable. Until tonight! I read your post and got right on it! I feel 99% better! I faintly could feel a small tiny slight throb but it comes and goes and its very light. I will only notice it if I paid a lot of attention to it. But now, I could sleep like a babe :). Thank you again!


alright ppl I was in the worst pain ..did the packing my tooth in salt and in 3 minutes the pain was gone is an amazing feeling of no pain instantly....

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