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This is not a cure, but a treatment for stuffy phlegmmy cold sufferers, passed down from my grandmother Ethel. Recipe: take two large yellow onions, peeled,halved and quartered. Place in a small saucepan and just cover with water. Add about two cups of sugar. The water should be grainy, as there should be so much sugar that it doesn’t dissolve completely. Bring to a rapid boil and stir until all sugar is absorbed. Lower temperature to a rolling boil and simmer uncovered until onions are mush and liquid has a very syrupy consistency. Remove from heat, and be careful, as this is boiled sugar here, don’t burn yourself! Completely mush the onions, and if you’re finicky (or your patient is) sieve syrup to get rid of onion bits, although this step is not truly necessary as onion syrup just happens to taste delicious. Decant into a glass jar. Administer every couple of hours or so by the tablespoonful to deep-chest cold victims who cough a lot and have a lot of phlegm. Best if taken warm. keeps a good week or a little more in the fridge. after that, it can be frozen for the next cold!

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So i should drink TWO CUPS OF SUGAR mixed with chopped onions inorder treat my cold. It is not a cure and effects are seen some days later?

If anyone drinks up 2 cups of sugar not only would they get rid of the cold they'll probably also get rid of their health!


Many times in most really good cold remedies, you will notice glucose (sugar) as an ingredient. The reason why this is done is because glucose is delivered immediately into the bloodstream. This makes it an effective and fast medium to carry the medication. Just keep up the rest, fluids and Ester C. The best cold remedy I have found is to get Umka and Sambucol from a health food store. Works 90% in one day most times.


My grandmother use to make this for my siblings and I. Yes it does work.

I bought the famouse 'natural cures they don't want you to know about' This website is much better, mainly because there wasn't a natural cure that I found in the entire book.

People can be so harsh, quick to dismiss a remedy before you even give it a try. Nobody suggested that you consume two cups of sugar, or even drink all of the syrup at one time! Get a clue and give each other a break!


My family is of Haitian Decent and yes this remedy does work. I can remember drinking this syrup as young as about 5 years old...and I nearly forgot about it until now. In fact India also uses this method to combat sore throats and phlegm.


Can i also take this remedy while pregnant?

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