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I am hoping someone may be able to help me with a question I have as after having a number of swabs and an internal scan the doctors have come up with no really reason why I am getting a very unpleasant smelling discharge. I have had BV in the past but unlike the fishy smell I have suffered from in the past this time it smell like rotting meat. All the swabs I have had done have come back clear indicating I do not have BV but my doctor has suggested having more swabs as he has told me sometime it takes a while to show up but am I right in thinking BV is just a fishy smell or could what I'm experiencing still be BV?? I anyone can help clear this up for me I would be very grateful as I am starting to find it all quite distressing.

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it might be a tampon stuck in there that u forgot to remove. it happened to my friend.


Like the other user commented, it could possibly be a lost tampon. But in my experience, it doesn't always have to be a fishy smell down there to be BV. When I had BV, the smell seemed to change from time to time. Sometimes very strong, sometimes hardly any smell at all. I would recommend taking acidophilis and folic acid tablets daily if you think it could possibly be BV.


Yes I agree either it could be a tampon or a condom a guy left in you and never told you this happened to my sister before and it smelled like something crawled in her and died!
Your OBGYN should be able to help you solve your problem...Good Luck


I am experiencing the same problem and have been for two to three years, the smell is not fishy but more disgusting in my opinion. I have been to the doctor several times and have tested positive for bv everytime and everytime their perscriptions have not worked i even got a shot of steroids in my butt which got rid of it but it eventually came back. So i am currently taking vitamin d3, vitamin c, garlic and folic acid along with an over the counter homeopathic capsule called homeolathic bv capsule that i purchased at wal greens but im sure u can get it at wal mart too, its made by vh essentials and im praying this mixture of things i researched online will do the trick so i will write again in about a week hopefully with some good news.


There is a std called Trichomoniasis that can be mistaken for BV. I read (in doing my own research for a natural cure for bv) that the slides the doctor uses to diagnose it should be read while the sample is still wet/moist from the swab. If it sits and dries the Trichomoniasis cells die and so it is often missed unless testing specifically for it. This is just something I read and have no other knowledge about it. :) Perhaps you can discuss the possibility with your doctor.

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