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This really does work... I live between two active farms with fields all around, so you can only imagine the house flies we receive. I have tried so many fly control sprays (which work but cost money) and also many home remedies that worked less than perfect. So I decided to attempt putting together a few home remedies I have seen posted in the past and make my own... to my surprise my remedy works and works well...
In a spray bottle fill half the bottle with Mr. Clean floor cleaner (I used a nice smelling cleaner) and 4 tbs of Dawn dish soap. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water. Make sure the nozzle on the bottle is wide open (stream) and begin spraying the flies. You can spray them while in flight and they will drop to the floor almost instantly and begin to die.. I did spray them again once on floor to double ensure my kill... and it leaves your house smelling good as well... clean up is easy too..,try it out and see if it works for you... good luck..

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Just put dish soap and water use a citrus smelling one leave out the rest.


This 100% worked


The best solution ever! I will recommended to all my friends. Thanks a lot!!


I m in india.whr did I get theese dawn something like that?


Omg this saved my life. I live in the country and my fiancé has a habit of leaving our patio door we literally had about 30 flies in our house and they were driving me nuts..there were so many! After reading everyone else's comments on how good it worked for them I decided to give it shot...and it worked so good!!! They fell to the floor immediately! And I laughed as I watched 3 of them crawl over each other trying to get away from the spray. Then just smooshed them! Thank you so much for sharing this. You are a life saver!


IT WORKS beautifully !! My stress level just went down a lot. Flies were about to overtake my home. I am so happy !!


Dawn + Vinegar + Lemon juice + Water = Worked like a charm.

I have been a mass murderer of flies during the past week or so using the combination of above things.

My modus operandi in being a mass murderer of flies = 2 shots of spray is all that is needed to murder a fly. 1st shot of spray to bring the fly down or make it immobile or slow mobile. 2nd shot of spray to murder the fly totally. Bwuhaahaaa.

Go to a dollar store, buy an empty spray bottle, fill the bottle with the combination of the above mixture, and spray it at the flies. The spray bottle containing the above mixture of liquid is your murder weapon aka weapon of mass destruction.

Any dish washing liquid + Water = Might also work, but I did not try.

I wish you good luck. I am sure you will be a mass murderer of flies like myself. Give me a hug.


OMG.. So simple and yet so freakin amazing!!! Love this. Thank you for sharing <3


I used Lavender Pine Sol and Palmolive dish soap. It worked! I even sprayed the dog and they died! Thank you.

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