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This really does work... I live between two active farms with fields all around, so you can only imagine the house flies we receive. I have tried so many fly control sprays (which work but cost money) and also many home remedies that worked less than perfect. So I decided to attempt putting together a few home remedies I have seen posted in the past and make my own... to my surprise my remedy works and works well...
In a spray bottle fill half the bottle with Mr. Clean floor cleaner (I used a nice smelling cleaner) and 4 tbs of Dawn dish soap. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water. Make sure the nozzle on the bottle is wide open (stream) and begin spraying the flies. You can spray them while in flight and they will drop to the floor almost instantly and begin to die.. I did spray them again once on floor to double ensure my kill... and it leaves your house smelling good as well... clean up is easy too..,try it out and see if it works for you... good luck..

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I have tried this and you have to use a lot to even slow them down, not the best alternative, but better than commercial sprays.


It would be helpful to know what Mr Clean consists of.Is it Hydroxide or potassium hydroxide? And what percentage. Or Ammonia? All these cleaning agents are simmilar, but the concentration may be important.


OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I live in AZ and it is already getting hot and the flies are everywhere trying to get inside where it is cool. I made this with AJAX (with bleach alternative in it) Mr. Clean Lemon scent and boiling water in a spray bottle. My daughter said i was having to much fun in my mass destruction of the flies lol..but It absolutely works.. afterwards I pulled out my vacuum with the attachments and sucked those dead pests up. Then I sprayed the window sills where they seemed to gather to be safe. I sprayed the inside of my trash can outside and many died there too.. I appreciated the remedy..!! PS if you have Facebook you should post it for your friends.. I know I will..

penelope R

can I use this on outdoor patio tables(restaurant)

pegasus vanderwende

Did not work for me may be because I'm alergic to all dawn soaps ... i live next to amish farm and the flies are horrific . :(


This works really well but make sure you get a direct hit. If your aim is not accurate they will fly away.


Pegasus, you do not have to use Dawn if you are allergic. I used Palmolive.

Jamē Moore

Worked great. Now I keep a handy bottle next to me. Thanks for the tip!


Came home to find a zillion flies. Turned all lights off except in one room. Mixed your formula using Pinesol and Dawn. Placed a sheet over furniture. Sprayed direct spray and they started to drop. Some needed to be sprayed when they started crawling on the sheet. I had so many it took probably 15 minutes of target practice to get them all. Tomorrow, I will take the sheet full of dead flies out and wash the floor, which already has cleaner on it! lol Thanks! That really worked.


Holly crap it worked great smells good and was kinda like a video game shooting them out of the air. I followed the instructions and used dawn and mr clean multi purpose cleaner

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