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This really does work... I live between two active farms with fields all around, so you can only imagine the house flies we receive. I have tried so many fly control sprays (which work but cost money) and also many home remedies that worked less than perfect. So I decided to attempt putting together a few home remedies I have seen posted in the past and make my own... to my surprise my remedy works and works well...
In a spray bottle fill half the bottle with Mr. Clean floor cleaner (I used a nice smelling cleaner) and 4 tbs of Dawn dish soap. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water. Make sure the nozzle on the bottle is wide open (stream) and begin spraying the flies. You can spray them while in flight and they will drop to the floor almost instantly and begin to die.. I did spray them again once on floor to double ensure my kill... and it leaves your house smelling good as well... clean up is easy too..,try it out and see if it works for you... good luck..

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Fly Killer

I have a huuuuuuuge fly problem in my apartment in Brooklyn, NY. I made this concoction and had a blast shooting those little suckers. They would fall to the ground, writhing, and I would cackle as I used a paper towel to pick them up. Never again will they land on my face while I'm sleeping or eat my dinner before I do. Thanks! Changed my life.

michael Benson

How is it with pets around ????? Harmful or not ?


yep it works.
and to answer that question, dawn is super safe on animals as long as its not in their eyes. I use it to wash my dogs and the lemon scented ones are great flea repelent.. as for mr.clean, its safe around pets as Iv never had a problem with it on pets before.; tho I tend to keep mine in another room until the floor is dry just to be on the safe side of them licking it.


AWESOME! BTW, you can use generic dish detergent if you don't have Dawn. I made a direct stream (you have to hit them spot on) and then stepped on them. I had about 30-40 flies in here 15 minutes I got none! (I have a floor to clean and bedding to wash but small price to pay) They were staying on the ceiling so a fly swatter wasn't even helping. And they were AGGRESSIVE flying into my face, ears, eyes, all the time. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


It works! It works! It Works! Used Ajax dish washing liquid (what I had) Spic and Span cleaner (what I had) and for extra measure-- a capful or two bleach. It works. I'm not so good with getting them in flight, but once they are hit with the solution slows them down and then you can zap em! Now can we do people that way? :<)


It really works! Thank you.


Yay it's working... they just fall to the ground. I also sprayed all around the outside of the sliding door and front door. Dead flies everywhere. :)

Katie Lawrence

I was sitting play World of Warcraft, or trying to while a fly was buzzing all around. This complex has lots of flies with the amount of pets and the Arizona heat. I looked around for it and all of a sudden they were everywhere! I had no idea where they came from! I found this site and tried to solution. I used Simple Green (an organic cleaning chemical. Not toxic and smells nice), orange scented Ajax dish soap and water. They would drop out of the air. Thanks! :D


I HATE flies!! This solution really works, even if you substitute some of the ingredients. The flies seem to like certain areas around the house and by spraying these areas where the flies land, not only kills them, but more important keeps them from landing on the areas sprayed with this homemade solution. Also leaves a nice smell.

thana it useful in the restaurant.........i hving this flies problem in my restaurant...........pls help.....really nd a solution

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