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I've gotten enormous relief from making a paste of super fine, powdered oatmeal (you can use a spice grinder or food processor to make the powder) and warm water. Apply to sores, let it sit anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour (although it's not necessary to let it sit, I find relief just the same... but if you have the time), rinse it off and use a blow dryer on the cool setting to dry. Do this a few times a day. Oatmeal soothes the itching and is a natural cleanser (its important to keep area clean!!). It totally relieves the pain and itching and is a super cheap remedy.

I know this isn't a home remedy but it's a suggestion for those of you who experience the nerve pain down the back of your legs (herpatic neuralgia, I think it's called) along with your OB: see if your doctor will prescribe a drug called gabapentin. It's a non-narcotic, typically used as an anti-seizure medication but is also used to treat nerve pain (other uses are for fibromyalgia and anxiety, FYI) It can even help with the pain you feel just below a sore or the tingling pain before an OB... as that pain is stemming from nerves, too. It can make you groggy, so be sure to take it at bedtime and see how it affects you before taking it at other times. I've just found that the shingles-like pain down the back of my thighs can be excruciating and this drug is the only thing that's helped. I've heard capsacian (sp.?) can also help, but haven't tried.

Take deep care, all of you!

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