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Hi everyone, I'm 20 years old and have been with my current boyfriend for over a year now. About two weeks ago, I started suffering from BV after my period ended. I knew it was BV from the start. I had a really pungent smell down there and the odor would seep through my clothes. It was so embarrassing to be in class not knowing if the person next to me could smell me or not, cus I sure could!

So, I read some reviews online about Rephresh and how it is widely used in Europe to cure BV. I gave it a try for maybe a week, but was not seeing any results. It did not help the itch and just left a constant clumpy discharge in my panties. The discharge made me think, 'well maybe I don't have BV after all, maybe I have a yeast infection'. So I then bought the Rite Aid brand of Monistat. All of the clumpy discharge was gone so I thought I was cured.

But then I started to get smelly down there again which is not a symptom of a yeast infection. It made me paranoid and I actually thought for a couple of days that I had lost a tampon down in there. I searched and searched for one but couldn't find it. So I realized that it was actually BV all along.

A couple of days ago I researched the best home remedies for BV and started doing them. These cured me in JUST TWO DAYS!!!!! I even had sex with my boyfriend today and no sign of BV coming back! No smell! Here's exactly how I made it all go away, the smell, the itch, the discharge, everything!

I went out and bought some Acidophilis and Boric Acid capsules (800 mcg). I took about 3-4 Acidophilis tablets a day and two Boric Acid tablets (one in the morning, one in the afternoon).

I also washed out one of the applicators from the Rephresh gel that I bought and used it to apply a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water into my vagina. Be aware that the peroxide needs to be diluted or it will burn. The mixture should be half peroxide, half water, no more, no less. You do not need a lot of this mixture, maybe a 1/2 cup. I squirted the mixture in until it and the smell was gone. Do this one to two times a day. I then put one of my Acidophilis tablets into my vagina. It is supposed to help restore its natural flora. I also did not wear panties to bed because bacteria thrives in wet, warm climates.

You should also eat yogurt with live cultures in it, like Activia. I ate Chobani Greek yogurt. Just plain yogurt will be your best bet, but if you can't handle it, eat the fruity ones. I did and it worked just fine.

And that's it! That's all it took! Two days!!!

Also, taking baths is definitely not recommended for women of childbearing age, as it can affect the ph levels in the vagina and just make BV worse. You should also not wash with harsh soaps and definitely do not wash the inside of the vagina because it will clean itself. I'd say just stick with hydrogen peroxide to to cleanse yourself down there. It's much more healthy and gentle.

Also, your Acidophilis and Boric Acid tablets should be taken even after your infection is gone. Do not risk letting it come back. You need to restore as much of the good bacteria as you can. Why not make these tablets a lifelong nutritional habit? Acidophilis also helps bad breath!

I really hope this works for you guys! It is much better for your body than taking antibiotics, which also kill the good bacteria. Good luck!

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Do u mean folic acid? I don't think you can injest boric acid.


I have the same question. I went went to 4 stores today looking for Boric Acid. I can only find it in powder form. Everyone said I can't consume it. Did you mean Folic Acid?


Oops, yes ladies. I meant Folic acid. Sorry about that. Although I have read many times of boric acid being used for BV. Borax is the active ingredient in VH Essentials Vaginal Inserts.


I also want to note that I got BV after my first time ever using tampons. I did a little research and found that tampons have chemicals in them that can aid in throwing off your ph levels. Over the course of having BV, I would not recommend using a tampon while on your period. Your menstrual blood has a ph of 7.4 and a healthy vagina has a ph of about 4.5. So when you really think about it, using a tampon is only gonna trap that blood in, throwing you off balance even more. That blood needs to come out. It is not meant to stay inside of you. Use a pad instead! Hope this helped!

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