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if your ear is itchy but not yet entirely blocked... or just as a preventative... soak your ear with Hydrogen Peroxide... It does not dry out your ear or have any negative side effects upon your ear. It causes the bacteria in your ear to absorb the peroxide via osmosis ( the way liquid travels through semi permeable membranes ) until the bacteria literally explodes. You can feel them exploding in your ear as the peroxide bubbles.

If your ear isn't too far gone and just itchy this will usually fix it. Just keep soaking the ear until the bubbles noticeable subside. Adding a little vinegar into this mix isn't too bad either as the vinegar is a base and will inhibit bacteria growth.

Rubbing alcohol is a pretty strong descant. ( drying agent )... some folks use it to dry our the ear. You have to be pretty careful in using alcohol in your ear. Once or twice won't hurt you but continual use you run the risk of drying out the very thin skin inside your ear. Then it cracks and will get infected and you've just made the whole thing worse... One or two days of use but not a continual thing...

I've read the olive oil treatment which sounds suspicious to me. seems to me that bacteria would enjoy a snack on olive oil.

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Vinegar is an acid.


osmosis is water specific and only refers to the movement of water passively in any setting. Vinegar is obviously not a base. The crackling that occurs when hydrogen peroxide is introduced into the ear is a result of hydrolysis reaction in which hydrogen mixes with oxygen and generates water. This releases considerable heat because of the natural amount of entropy present in hydrogen bonds and breaking them results in considerable exothermic reactions. Go back to high school.


Hi Bioguy,
so, you explained how Hydrogen Peroxide is made up of, exothermic heat, etc.

Do you have any experience of using it in swimmer's ear? Does it, or do you envision it, working?


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