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After injuring 3 of my 5 toes about 5 years ago, I have been dealing with yellow, thick toenails on my right foot. I have tried prescription medications, but nothing worked. I finally tried a mixture of 1/4c Listerine, 1/4c vinegar, 1/2c warm water, & salt. I soak my foot for about 30 min. every night & then apply a coating of Vick's on both my feet. I wear socks on my feet when I sleep, as I do not want to stain my bedding. After the very first use of this mixture, my toenails are no longer yellow & my foot no longer itches. This is amazing & I totally recommend this to anyone dealing with similar conditions. I buy my items at the dollar store, so it is very cost friendly. Hope this helps someone else who is experiencing the same issues.

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How much salt?


Did you dry your feet before applying the Vicks vaporub?


This works great. After on use, there was already visible color improvement. Doing this everyday!!


You cannot rub Vicks all over your feet only on the affected nail. If your going to rub it all over your feet in some cases it will make your feel very sore because you are not to use it and then cover it with socks and shoes. It might be good at bedtime but maybe putting a cotton ball over the nail after the application and leave the socks off at bedtime. Read the label, same instructions apply no matter where you use it on your body. I hope this helps?

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