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Hey now!! Im feeling better and ready for some rest but before i go to sleep (aahh finally) i have to share what i did to relieve my toothache...
Alright alright #kevinhartvoice.

First my husband and i came home from a bbq abt 8p.. We layed it down (well he's sleeping peacefully and here it is 3:37a) abt 10p and i couldn't sleep bc of my tooth.. I rinsed my mouth with salt water... Didnt work.. I packed salt in my tooth.. Lil relief bt still couldnt sleep... Didnt have cloves or peppermint oil bt i came across a remedy using pure vanilla... Forget putting some on a cotton ball... At the rate my tooth was hurting i needed to find something quick... Soooo i just turned the bottle up and rinsed twice with it... I looked up in the mirror.... Smiled... And my teeth were as brown as some folgers coffee no cream... Lmao... I had a good laugh... Bt my toothache is so gone...

So remember:
If u ever have a toothache go to the bathroom turn-up a bottle of pure vanilla extract.. Rise twice with it... Then look in the mirror and smile... Dont forget to brush afterwards!


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I take it back. This was a VERY temporary pain reliever for my son. 10 minutes later he was up crying from the pain again. We tried the minced garlic in warm salt water on a cotton ball - burned too much for him to keep it in his mouth the recommended 5 minutes. Finally moved onto Meyers dark rum - 1 oz shot followed by a small amount to swish in his mouth and swallow again. We'll see... It's 1:20am. I hope it works.


You gunna learn how to cure a toothache today!


All I had was imitation Vanilla I was in so much pain I would have tried anything. So I took some right out of the bottle and let set for about a minute. Automatic relief dont know how long this will last but my pain for now is gone THANK YOU!


Yeaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! Vanilla extract it works. Thanks


Not only did u make me laugh with a bad tooth ache am a baking now its my turn to turn up lol my tooth gums head all done started hurting pills gone wish these teeth was tooo.. THANK U SOOOO MUCH


Great Remedy. I had to test it after I used the vanilla extract. So I had something hot to eat. After a week I am getting a litle used to the throbbing on and off. Waking up several times a night after using Orajel. I could feel the toothache wanting to come back but it hasn't.
This is a cheaper and far better remedy than the store bought items, that supposed to target toothaches. Recommended!


Ure the best!! Thank u thank u!! Hopefully it wouldnt come back soon!


Thank you for the Laugh, I needed to laugh through all of this pain.


Life saver, thank you so so much this worked almost instantly,I have suffered for 2 days and even went to the ER and they could not help me and tried several other suggestions,not sure how long this will last but will get back with you and give you a update, unbelievable and so easy, taste good and cheap. Of course my tooth broke of on a weekend and could not find a dentist to do a emergency visit... Thanks.

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