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Hey now!! Im feeling better and ready for some rest but before i go to sleep (aahh finally) i have to share what i did to relieve my toothache...
Alright alright #kevinhartvoice.

First my husband and i came home from a bbq abt 8p.. We layed it down (well he's sleeping peacefully and here it is 3:37a) abt 10p and i couldn't sleep bc of my tooth.. I rinsed my mouth with salt water... Didnt work.. I packed salt in my tooth.. Lil relief bt still couldnt sleep... Didnt have cloves or peppermint oil bt i came across a remedy using pure vanilla... Forget putting some on a cotton ball... At the rate my tooth was hurting i needed to find something quick... Soooo i just turned the bottle up and rinsed twice with it... I looked up in the mirror.... Smiled... And my teeth were as brown as some folgers coffee no cream... Lmao... I had a good laugh... Bt my toothache is so gone...

So remember:
If u ever have a toothache go to the bathroom turn-up a bottle of pure vanilla extract.. Rise twice with it... Then look in the mirror and smile... Dont forget to brush afterwards!


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Vanilla works thanks so much now I can stop crying of the pain.


I just did the vanilla as well thanks

Simply Stiles

WHAT A RELIEF! Thanks a million, the vanilla works like a charm!

Mary Myers

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I have been up for 3 nights already with this terrible toothache and I didn't expect to find something that would be so simple and relieve the horrible pain. You are a saint :)

I was a skeptic

Thanks, now I get a good nights sleep


Guys I'm dying do u mean the v
annila that we use for baking? Pls help


I needed that !! Shatt


Pure mint extract is way better


Gonna try this NOW..


It's 12:30am and my 7 yr old has been crying about a toothache since 10pm. A 1.5x dose of Motrin did nothing for him. Just tried the vanilla rinse and he seems to be pain-free! Here's hoping it lasts all night. Thanks for the post!

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