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I had a problem with a blocked ear yesterday, which felt sticky from wax, it wouldn't unblock and I had a horrible throbbing sensation and couldn't hear properly. I put some olive oil in 3 times about once per hour, then used a home ear syringer (a simple syringe which has the tiny jets of water that come out, bought on amazon). I had tried using it before but no success. Then I read the posts on here about making sure the water is warm and using pressure with the water. I got a large amount of warm/hot water then leaned my ear and head over the sink, filled the syringe then squeezed it quite forcefully into my ear. Straight away, lots of lumps of wax started flushing out! With 3 goes my ears were unblocked. I was amazed/horrified at how much wax there was but it sure felt good once it was gone! Definitely recommend this method. I did try using Hopi ear candles a couple of years ago, but got severe ear ache following it and a telling off by my doctor when I went to see them as it was so bad!

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