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I had suffered from this for about 2 years. I had been to many doctors countless numbers of times, was prescribed with EVERYTHING! The antibiotics worked for the smell, but the discharge never went away and was really really annoying. I tried taking expensive good quality pro-biotic supplements, eating lots of yoghurt. EVERYTHING!!
Anyway, as a result of the antibiotics i started to get Yeast infections about twice a month and then that would bring on the BV like crazy.
A naturopath that I know suggested taking milk Kefir for the Candida (yeast infections). She gave me some grains and I started making it at home. I drink about half a cup of the stuff a day and after about a month all of the discharge has disappeared, no more thrush and all I have done differently in this time is drink milk kefir. It is super easy to make, you just need to get your hands on the grains. Pretty simple if you google. I have also not caught the flu or a cold this winter (they say it improves your immune system as it restores healthy bacteria and yeasts to the gut).
I highly suggest trying this. Taking anti-biotics and anti yeast medication on a regular basis is NOT the answer to this condition I believe. We should be looking at why we have it in the first place (unbalanced gut eco-system and possible vit D defficiency) and not trying to put a sticky plaster remedy to the issue with drugs that could be making the actual cause even worse.
Hope this helps

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When you mentioned Vitamin D deficiency, it struck a chord with me. I actually came up with a Vitamin D deficiency on my bloodwork this summer.

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