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I've had a handful of yeast infections in my day, but this one is by far the worst! I found this site and after having garlic tucked away in my naughty bits I decided it was weird and I'd give salt a try. I hot my towel laid on the couch, thinking I would just chill with a warm salty cloth. OMG I put it on and I felt like my vagina was literally on fire! I ran to the tub to rinse asap. I brought the rag to the tub in a second attempt thinking i all just rinse again if I can't handle it. Again, it burned like mofo but 5 mins later I am feeling relief.

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Omfg!!!!! It burned so bad!!!! But i did this and the hydrogen peroxide trick, and i was relieved!


HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! That was the worst feeling in my life! I was screaming intona towel.Felt like my hoohaa was shooting flames out of it! It still does. But after time goes on it's feeling a lot better. But I'm not even sure if it worked. Ya know how they say if something hurts to have someone punch you and you forget about the original thing hurting? I think the burning made me forget completely about the itching.

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