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I've had canker sores ever since I can remember (I am 21 now) Here is what I do to help the problem:
1) Keep up on taking your multivitamins and vitamin C because I asked my doctor why I kept getting them so often and she suggested that be consistent on vitamins. (Since I have been taking vitamins regularly, I have had them less often)

When you get a canker:
1)Wash your mouth out with Listerine when ever you feel like its irritating you. It numbs the irritation/pain for a good amount of time. (I use the tan kind because it doesnt leave your mouth minty in case you want to eat something)

2)Do this twice a day until pain goes away. Apply salt directly to the sore and hold it there with your finger or a cotton swab for 30 seconds. It will burn pretty badly but not as bad as one might think. The stinging will continue for another few minutes or so.

3)while your mouth is still a little stingy from the salt, use a cotton swap and dip it into some peroxide and lightly dab the area. You wont feel any pain from the peroxide.

4)Your sore will most likely swell up after all this so do another rinse with listerine to get rid of the pain, and then take some advil/aleve.

After doing all these things and the swelling goes down, you will feel no more pain and already start noticing the healing.

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I'm sorry but most of what you said is counterproductive. The listerine and the peroxide counter act the healing process as prolong what the person will be going through. Salt works well but much easier solution is to ale a glass of warm water and add salt ten rinse with it. Next day you'll notice the difference. Do not use alcohol or peroxide because they will destroy the bacteria that is trying to heal the area...


This is a horrible suggestion. You should not further irritate a canker sore as it can prolong the healing process and increase the size of it. Instead of doing what you are saying, take 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours, and take a vitamin B complex supplement in the morning with breakfast. To help protect your stomach from the effects of Ibuprofen, you may optionally take 1 OTC tablet of generic omeprazole that you can pickup at the local Walmart for dirt cheap. Avoid drinking beverages with Citric Acid, including milk for 4 to 5 days.

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