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healthy Hayley

This is for anyone tempted to try acv for anal warts. I do NOT recommend this method. Not because it don't work but because I have found a less painful way. I tried acv when I first developed my warts thinking it was a quick fix. My Warts decreased in size but I burned a good amount of healthy skin along with it. I used acv 3 times a day until it got too painful. The rash I got looked worse then the warts themselves! I only had a few but after acv they spread to my my labia so I gave it up. When you first develop warts I think the first thing you need to worry about is keeping them from spreading not ridding what u have. First thing I did after acv was heal my skin using desatin cream mixed with neosporin and aloe Vera. It worked wonders! Second I starting taking vitamins. A regular multi vitamin did it for me I also took a vitamin to strengthen my immune system. Worry about your overall health NOT the warts because at the end of the day your health is what will either cause them to spread or cause them to go away. Clearing hpv itself should be your #1 priority not clearing the warts. Hpv is cureable with good health habits and patience. Quick fixes wont always work anal warts can return!!!! I have to say i am satisfied with my progress (: they look more like ingrown hairs not ao warty anymore!!! Bottom line, eat healthy work out build your immune system stay abstinent and stay CALM hpv is not like herpes or aids 70% of sexually active people will develop it. Some people just get different strains. We happen to get the anal warts strain :/ it sucks but it's not the end of the world. Good luck (:

Also, I still use acv occasionally to check my progress because acv turns warts white. But only for that I rinse it off immediately.

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