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Okay, I have tried many products, frontline, etc...flea dips, and now I am on home remedies because I can't see putting store bought remedies on my dogs when they don't last. So tonight I took a spray bottle (generic), dumped in olive oil and vinegar. Now I mixed 50/50, so for those that don't want to use olive oil, I will bet any kind will do..(household kind, please!) then, I grabbed the handy 'Dawn' dish soap, dog, and spray to the bathroom...bathe dog with the dish soap, start at the head and work the lather to the tail, fleas die on contact... RINSE of the dish soap, next shake spray bottle, and spray dog... same way, AVOID the eyes!!! Rub in, now this mixture stays on...towel off far all fleas dead and dog smells like salad...we swept our furniture, and put old sheets on them for duration of this to see how long this works...we are now three hours...not a single flea with '12' Chihuahuas...they seem happy...I don't know if this will last longer than a few days, but we don't have carpet in our house, and we wash bedding regularly, so...please give input!

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We have a mix bred little dog 17 lbs, 8 yrs old, this is our first infestation of fleas, we are going to try this recipe, will keep u posted, we have had fantastic results with other home remedies.

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