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Last summer when I was diagnosed with herpes, I was devastated, suicidal, and depressed. I would have committed suicide had I not had my mother by my side the entire time.
My gynecologist has been in the business for 31 years and told me I had one of the worst outbreaks she had ever seen.

However, I haven't had an outbreak since that one. I take the valtrex once a day.

When I had the outbreak though .. My mom and I tried a lot of different methods to at LEAST soothe the pain a little.

For instance, when it comes to peeing... sit some kind of container in your bathroom filled with water. When you have to pee, pour the water over the hole as you pee. Females should probably spread their legs to do this. Refill the container when you finish peeing.

After every time I peed, I took a wash cloth and cleaned my vagina completely. I rubbed peroxide on it with q-tips. then applied a heavy coat of Vaseline. It sounds simple. But it makes it a lot easier to close your legs. It also makes it more comfortable to walk. You might want to sleep on a towel.

When I had my out break, my mother went out and bought me gowns to wear. I didn't wear underwear during my outbreak.

Hot baths will soothe the pain most of the time. I would NOT recommend epsom salt or baking soda or soap. Just clean hot water in a clean tub.

I hope this helped.

P.S can anyone comment somethings about how to tell someone you're interested in that you have herpes? or any relationship tips.

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I just had to tell my boyfriend and I basically sat him down and said babe I messed up .


Hey there hunny! When I found out I had it I refused to have that conversation. So I went online to positive
and that is where I met my husband. We we will be together for 5 yrs. In Oct. And and married for one. Just remember that you are still the same person you have always been! Don't ever forget that!


Baking soda in a hot bath or Aveeno oatmeal packets help a lot, for me when the itching is really bad I take a cold bath and it stops immediately. As for the conversation, it's just a test of love, if he splits it wasn't meant to be and you should use dating sites or even CL (how I met my husband) cause on both you can be honest and will get replies from people who know and are ok with your diagnosis.

Happy In CT. :)

I have had herpes since 1981...when they didn't even know what it was :O (neither did I and I told our Archbiship...when he came to see me in the hospital...that I had it. :P)

I showed up in the ER after passing out , urinating in my bathroom, from the pain.They had no clue what I had and put me in isolation for 10 days. :O.

I thought it was the end of the world. The truth for me was/is...the first time was the worst...pain wise and otherwise. Since then...I am married with 4 healthy kids...a husband of 28 yrs who still hasn't caught it. It's not a biggee...when you feel discomfort down 'there'...don't have sex until you know it's gone away.

When I have an is simply 1 lession. And that only happens once or twice a year...

I'm not saying you'll be the same...and do know that it's not the end of your life. Yes, you have to tell your partners...but only before you have sex...which makes you highly more questioning who you're going to go to bed with...As this is not something you want to share...nor is it something you want to be blabbing about.


I had one girlfriend that was struggling to tell me, I could obviously tell that she had something to say but scared to risk telling me, but was harder for her the more she was into me,, I finally got it out of her, she was honest and direct, w/out any breakouts for sometime, also, big into hygiene, I liked her and made my decision, we were together for some time.,, Now, today, I find myself having difficult time telling my wife, that after 8 or more years, I have finally seen a sign of having contracted it,,, although we did have this convo before we got together,,, and yes, I suppose the positive singles thing would be best and remove the entire issue and promote a great sex life,,,



I found out I was positive for herpes a year ago next month. Im sure you have either already told you significant other already but thought I would throw some advice out there.

After I found out I decided I wasn't going to have sex again until I was in a serious relationship. But it is hard for me to get to know someone and have them get to know me without telling them. So basically I would meet a guy and if we had a connection after about 2-3 weeks I would be like look there is something you need to know about me.... and then depending on how they reacted, depended on if we continued getting to know each other.

The way I would tell them is: I have made a life changing discovery about myself. Im not sure how long I have had it, as it can stay dormant for years. Most people don't even know they have it. But I am really enjoying getting to know you and in order for me to be honest with you, you need to know this.

Since I am kind of a homebody I would meet guys online. I actually had to tell about 5 guys before I found a guy that was accepting of me. we have been together for 6 months now and he is wonderful. a some points I actually forget that I have it.

The most important thing is to not let it define you. If is a part of you now but it is not who you are. If your significant other is unaccepting of it then they didn't really love you in the first place.

Hope this helped


Also let them know it is ok for them to be curious. Let them ask questions. That's the best way for them to be accepting of it. Its not a deadly disease that a lot of people perceive it to be.

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