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My plaque started on my shins. A few years ago out of the blue, thought nothing of it until they started to grow, and new ones developed on my arm. After all my research, I have come to a few conclusions:
1. Not every remedy works for every person
2. The problem is internal, what is on the skin is evidence of the issue inside your body.
3. Do not give up; it takes time for some remedies to work.
Now for my remedy. (why)
1. Have limited my exposure to nightshades: Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peppers, and Eggplants. It is almost impossible to eliminate completely but do your best. (These veggies naturally contain higher toxin levels)
2. In the morning I have one Vitamin D pill, 1 Fish oil pill, and a Vege-greens drink. (Vit D is what we get from the sun, and most of us so not have enough, Fish oil assists with absorption of vitamins, and vege-greens contains anti-oxidants),
3. I then apply regular apple cider vinegar on the plaques with a cotton ball, once a day (at least). (Vinegar is a toner and natural antiseptic, kills germs)
4. After cleaning with vinegar, let the area dry and Cut a Vitamin E pill open and rub the oil on the plaques. (Vitamin E is good for the skin, try aloe vera as well)
5. 1 Hour before supper, take 2 teaspoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in a tall glass and fill with water. Drink this, it is terrible at first but you will get used to it.(this I believe is the most important, the organic apple cider vinegar, assists your body to slow digestion, and prevent something called leaky gut, which I personally believe is a significant factor in psoriasis)
6. East healthier, leafy greens, minimize red meat, lots of fruits, and water. (Boosts your immunity)
Off the start I noticed the plaques were still growing but they were thinner. The healing is a slow process, when you come up with your treatment plan stick with it for at least two months. I noticed only small change for the first 6 weeks, in the last week my plaque is now 50% completely healed, and the remaining is headed in the right direction.

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Update: It is 3 weeks later and my psoriasis is clearing up nicely. 50% is completely healed (no scarring), and the rest of it is healing too, just needs time. I really believe Vitamin D and vinegar are important factors in the success.


nice to hear some one else knows 'p' is an internal disease. every one is trying to treat this externally. i posted my personal diet on 3-8-13. virtually the same as yours. wishing you continued success. best wishes


Update 2: Sep 2013, I for the last month let up on my diet (ate tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers), and my P is starting grow again, in additon have had increased stress. I have continued my other parts of my regiment, except putting vinegar and vitimin E on my P daily. If I have learned anything consistency is key to the battle.

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