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Hi everyone! Umm.. I'm an 18 year old female. And, I was diagnosed with herpes a year ago.
I was just wondering if anyone else struggles as much as I do when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. When do you tell someone you have herpes? What time would be appropriate? First date? Isn't it wrong to have someone fall in love with you then drop this bomb on them? Maybe it's not wrong, but it seems pretty unfair.
Anyways.. my remedy is keeping your stress levels low. Herpes has not been as bad to me as I know it can be. I just hope one day there is a cure. & one day I'll be able to have a family.

Stay positive. Do your best to STAY POSITIVE.

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Hi, I got herpes about 8 years ago and having a family is not a problem at all! I have 2 kids and the doctor knew I had herpes. I think as long as you dont have an outbreak when giving birth, there is no chance the baby getting infected.

Now my herpes outbreaks are not bad at all! I get them maybe once a year sometimes even longer. I take l-lysine vitamins and I try to avoid foods with arginine. I still eat everything, I love food and I exercise and play soccer, so really all I've done is take the lysine and that works for me. Some websites say not to drink coffee, I drink coffee everyday and I don't see why I should not drink it! The outbreaks usually heal in five days with no pain or itching at all so be sure to look around so that you don't accidentally touch it and get it somewhere else on your body!


I also struggle a lot with the opposite sex I'm 22 yr old man and I just don't want too get close too any girl because of what might happen I.e telling them about it and running a mile would tear me up inside, and as you said meeting someone getting too know them and falling for them makes it a lot worseI just hope one day it will get better


hey guys I just read they might have a vaccine thats in research rt now n hopefully we all will b cure this infection is like a epidemic 3out of 10 people have it in the world this is crazy I pray they find a cure this is so hard to live with all the remedies just work for a second and as you have for period of time it gets worse. hang in there lets pray for a cure


I struggle with that too...and I'm 43. I got herpes when I was 31. I used to tell my boyfriends about it before I slept with them. I can remember every conversation! So uncomfortable. But now...I seem to be hiding it. I'm dating someone I really like, & I can't bring myself to tell him. My advice to you, young one, would be to find someone u really like & stick w him. Tell him...but hopefully that will be the last time u ever have to do that. Btw, I have a daughter...having a family is possible:) Hang in there.


I'm 25 years old and I've had it for about 4 years now...and I KNOW, it sucks! My advice to you as a don't tell every guy you date...everyone does not NEED to know, bc you don't plan on marrying them all. I would however encourage you to refrain from sexual activity...and if you plan on should let them know BEFORE...otherwise tht makes for an ugly breakup and alot of fear in you, that he'll tell ppl. I had dated like 3 guys afterwards and told them, and they ALL accepted me...(which isn't the case for everyone)this was super uncomfortable and have since met my husband. So there is hope out there for you. Don't give up. If you are of Christian faith pray and ask God to help you with this and for him to send you the one. (and that guy will love you and care for you so much more than you ever thought possible. That comment about the lady married with true. You just have to keep it moving, learn from it, and deal with it. I hope this helps ~God bless!


Hi, I have had gh for more than three years now. It was incredibly difficult for me at first, thinking about the exact things you are asking about, how do you tell someone, when? I have told multiple people since then whom I was dating at the time and have decided the best way about it. Make sure if you are thinking about having sex with someone that it isn't just a one night stand but someone you could really see yourself with, wait long enough to get to know them, always tell them before you are in bed ready to do the deed, give them time to ask questions and think about it if necessary. You have two outcomes, one they will accept you for who you are and continue with the relationship or two, they aren't interested and you have to move on. There will be someone out there who is madly in love with you and willing to risk it. Just remember your partner deserves to know and make the best decision for themselves just as much as you deserve someone that is going to love you fully for who you are.

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