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Ok ladies, Im a 29 year old female who suffered with BV for 5 long years. I had a copper IUD and I would always ask my dr if that was the reason the BV reoccured. Of course they would always tell me no. I thought it was so after trying tons of home remedies I finally had my IUD removed and ive been BV free for 5 months. Lets face it, the drs dont know everything and they will tell you anything to keep you coming back just to get your money.

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I'm 28 and just a month ago decided to have the copper iud put in and my bleeding any everything just finally stopped, and now I have BV and of course the doctors don't want to admit that it's from the iud either but I haven't had BV in years , I wish I had seen ur comment before I got the iud , I think I may have them take it out , I don't want to deal with this, the cramping and bleeding was so ridiculous I almost had to go to urgent care to have them take it out bcuz I couldn't take it anymore , this was helpful thanks!


My copper iud has been out since March 2013. It is now September 2013 and im still bv free after suffering for 4 long years.

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