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VA watches my kidney renal blood count very close. My doctor says no ibprophen at all, just tylenol for pain if there is any. Any thoughts?
My friend lost both of his kidneys to Agent Orange and recently (6mo) has had a transplant. Cranberry pills 1400 mg 3X each day.
I take cranberry pills now daily With ACV. This site is very informative. Thank you.

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Marty ;)

Do Not take pills they simply just barely keep you out of danger but eventually your kidneys will fail if you don't begin to go to strictly raw vegetables and fruits. Organic and take blood building and cell building supplements. Chlorophyll is good but most natural way to cleanse from free radicals in the blood which thicken it is going and sitting or laying on the grass barefoot and let the magnetic earth core cancel out negative protons. The earth was made for us and it has healing qualities. ;) Also get some wheatgrass grown live at the store in little planters and put in a fruit and ginger smoothie every day with your favorite fruits ;)


Tylnol processed thru liver - Ibp processed by kidney-kidneys having trouble,e don't cause them more work

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