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This may sound odd but my son (now 10) was severely allergic to his own bowel movements to the point he would bleed and the area was just so raw. I cried everytime I saw it on his little bottom and everytime he urinated, it stung him like opening crusted sores and pouring alcohol over the area, or so I would imagine). Stupid me kept on using commercial baby wipes (no matter how 'gentle' they said they were, and that poor baby & I both suffered while he screamed murder in store bathrooms, at home, anywhere he had a bowel movement. I could not get the diaper off him fast enough as soon as I saw or smelled the movement, no matter where we were and I'm sure all you mothers know from which I speak). Anyway, I began carrying my own softest washcloths soaked in hot water in ziploc bags (don't worry, by the time the baby has a movement, the towel will have cooled. Do not add anything else to the water. Miracle of miracles after trying literally EVERYTHING on the market I could find, a co-worker of my husband's told me about a ointment/cream that so far I had only seen @ May's Drugstore made by Mentholatum, which of course made me cringe to put this on his bottom. But, trust me please, it is an ointment based calamine-like product that is sold in small jars (white with blue lettering) usually on the top shelf. [Editor's Note: This ointment is called RESINOL] Oh God, it saved his painful bottom and my sanity. Tip: It is also very relieving for adults who have had a particularly bad case of diarrhea where their anal area is very sore. It relieves the pain and stays put!!

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My son also had the same problem. He is my first (and only) child so I was totally freaked out by this. His little anus would actually bleed. He would be so red and irritated. I would cringe everytime I had to change him. Because I knew that it was so painful for him. When someone told me about Resinol I was nervous about using it because it says on the label that it isn't for young children. But I trusted the friend that told us about it and tried the Resinol. Overnight there was such a change I was blown away. It took a few days to be totally well the first time. But now my son is three and I still stay stocked up just in case he gets diarrhe and gets tender. This stuff is WONDERFUL, please try it for your childs sake. Good Luck!!


What is with the second (odd) comment? Can you not remove it because it does not make any sense?

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