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This is the best page ever! I am 9 months pregnant I have severe tooth ache on both sides top and bottom in my mouth. Its so bad that if I had a tool last night I felt like pulling my teeth by myself. I tried ice,alcohol with a cotton swob, gloves and glove oil, tooth drops, sensodyne rapid relief toothpaste, grandpa powder with cotton swob etc I think I tried everything in the book, at 1st all of the above did work at a time but the pain is so bad that non of it works anymore. So I saw this website and I started reading it 3 o clock this morning, here is what I did: I took garlic 2 teaspoons + normal cooking oil a few drops + salt and pepper+ 2 pain tablets that I crushed into this mix, and I took half of this mix and mixed it with warm water so I took a mouthful and let this stuff lay in my mouth for 5min then I spit it out, and then the rest of the mix was like a paste so I took a cotton swob and took a few pieces of garlic out of the mix and I put it in between this sore teeth and instantly the pain was gone! It is now 8 o clock 5 hours later I took the garlic pieces out of my teeth the pain is still gone! Its amazing the only bad thing is my mouth smells of the garlic but is sertainly worth it

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weeeeeehhh... finally i found u! i ignored evrythin u said except the garlic.. i was almost goin crazy of da pain till i read ur post n the only thing i noticed around me was garlic so i was like lemme jst put it faster, i cut da garlic n put salt on it in put it on my tooth.. i fkin feelin relief right now.. u r awsome WOMAN


I tried the mixture and it's taken away the pain for now, but each time i get a sharp pain i just put more on it, and now i'm in peace out of two days of pain.
you are an angel my dear.

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