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Like many on here ACV just irritated my warts and the surrounding skin, leaving craters that eventually healed back into warts.

Fortunately I found a home remedy for cold sores that has also worked beautifully on genital warts.

First, put some ice in a plastic bag and hold against the warts for about twenty min. I know, freezing your crotch isn't fun but the good new is virus's don't like cold either.

Next take a gob of toothpaste, sprinkle a little alum powder (find it in the spice section of supermarket) mix with a Q-tip and plaster on the warts.

After a couple of days of doing this my warts dried into scabs at which point I applied Vitamin E oil to speed the healing.

Hope this works as well for others.

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How long do you leave the alum powder/tooth paste mixture on for? Should it be a certain time or should it be constantly? How often should it be changed? I have genital warts on my labia and around the opening of my vagina (they're spreading!!! x_x) and I'm afraid to try ACV because I don't want to be a burning hot mess down there. Help please!

anxiously waiting!

This sounds believable....and a cheap discreet way! ACV made the warts WHITE....and If I wait...they will turn black and fall off. I will try this if ACV proves too slow! I wish I would have started treatment right away.....It is easy to wait and hope it goes away....but a stupid thing to do.


I think I have these warts but I am not sure. I checked and I wasn't sure but I will try these. Thanks :)

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