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I hate the thread bump. But if you live in south tx like i deal with constant government spraying for mosquitos, alot of ticks are becoming resistant to traditional insecticides. Along with cock roaches and fles... I have to use an amitraz dip along with a healthy dose ofborax in my dogs sleeping area. Once I feel the ticks have all released or are dead off my pet i move my him and coat the yard in sevin. Not great for my yard, i know but ticks are very stubborn in my area. You can never get rid of them totally once you have a problem. 2 years can pass and they can just stay underground even without a host. Hot weather and rain can bring them out in biblical proportions. If your dog needs help use amitraz and follow with a good preventative please. They usually all release in little time and you need a clean dog to tackle the larger task of killing the rest.

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