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Dennis Milligan

I was hired to move a friends sister from one town to another here in Oklahoma. When I started on the bedroom I was surprised when I lifted her mattress to discover a couple of bars of Ivory soap. When asked about my find she told me it was for restless leg syndrome. I was skeptical but she assured me it worked just great. I have suggested this simple home remedy to all I have encountered with (rls). Guess what? It has helped each one I have told about it. Just get a couple of bars and put between the mattress and box springs under your leg area. I have confidence that it will work for you too.

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You have stock in Ivory Soap, eh? LOL


I find that when I put a bar of soap under the mattress the birds sing, my breath smells like an Irish Spring, and I can blow bubbles out of my .....Okay folks, stop signing that contract to buy the Brooklyn Bridge for a minute and think. Whether RLS is caused by dopamine levels, iron deficiency, magnesium levels or whatever, what effect can a bar of soap have??!! Placebos work up to 30% of the time, but see a doctor and get meds.


Like I says to the warden, 'That bar of soap was in that sock to cure my cellmate's restless legs. It ain't my fault his legs was jumpin so much that his face got in the way'.

Hans Christian Andersen

To all those doubters out there, stop denigrating the efectiveness of placing a bar of soap under the mattress. As I described in my seminal work, 'The Princess and The Pea', mattresses have an almost magical ability to magnify and channel the power of any object placed under them. Just as mattresses were used to discover true royalty, a true Restless Legs Sufferer will benefit from placing the soap under the mattress. And They All Lived Happily Ever After!




Hey Jo: Why would it make your legs still? Think about it. Stop signing that contract to buy the Brooklyn Bridge long enough to ponder why soap is anything but a placebo. Of course, I guess that I should not rain on the parades of the people suggestable enough to find relief from placebos.

Kim Jong - un

Hey JO, I got something you can hold in your hands. Call me after Dennis Rodman leaves.

Kim Jong - un

Hey JO what you know? - I heard that on MASH, hehehehehehe. I hear MASH will be renewed for 5th season next year. Here in Glorious People's Republic we know ALL. I know who shot JR. JO thank for calling me. Yes I like girls. I like all people. I like some of my people to death, hehehehehe. So JO come on over, We go to orphanage and get some boys AND girls. You can show me all places you put bar of soap. NO BIG PHARMA!

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