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Hello! I have had BV for a while now and I'm always open to that kind of stuff because my ph balance isn't what it should be (poor diet and lack of drinking enough water, etc...) plus I have a pretty weak immune system and going to the doctors on a regular is NOT in the game plan, so I finally found a OTC treatment! Its called 'VH essentials BV treatment homeopathic', I found mine at walmart, but its sold at a number of places, Its a 6 'night' long treatment (you use it a night just like you would monistat for the same reasons) and it WORKS!!!, I know its not a home remedy, but its OTC and its cost effective, so go ahead, give it a try and good luck! :)

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Hi Ladies. This is not a commercial scheme or spam. I had bv since 2006 right. It came back allt he time with meds. It would go away then come right back after my monthly. I haven't been with a man in 2 years, so there's no reason for me to have it. I am not with multiple partners as i was married 12 yrs. HOWEVER!!! I've tried all kinds of things,vinegar, peroxide, garlic, etc... inside the u know what. NOTHING helped, but tea tree in a few drops of water rinse or douche kept the symptoms at bay. However it still wouldn't go away. But NOW ITS GONE! finally, what I did was decided to eat 2-3 cloves of garlic a day, a good size nto the tiny. Yes it smells but i shower so no ones ever said anything to me. Onlly when i first eat it. But i chew it up, swallow with a large glass of water, and a bite of food to take the taste away, DRink a ton of water with it. and it wont burn your tummy. I been doing this for 4 months now and NO BV!!!! finally.


OH and I went gluten free and almost vegan. I eat occasional lean cuts of meat, but mostly fresh veggies, and low fat. Hardly any oil. lots of onions and garlic.
if you cant eat garlic raw, dont cook it because it will take the good stuff out, blend it into tiny pieces and hide it in your food recipes liek spaghetti, burritos etc.. I like to swallow it and get it over with, its aweful but oh so worth it!! I heard of guys taking it too, and it gets rid of the candida thats in their system so u dont keep transferring it. NO WHITE SUGAR< GLUTEN or packaged foods! eat rice, lean meat, fruits and veggies! eat rice cakes with mayo and turkey and spinach and tomato, or with beans and spinach and salsa, u can do it! It's gotta be the garlic though. I've slipped on my diet and still havent had a recurrence. i noticed that when i use to eat bread or fast food the bv would become inflamed!


Did the 6 day thing last?? I'm going to try it but I want to know if it's going to last

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