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Clean with household anti-bacterial soap (aka Dial or Safeguard) then take a bowl of COOL, definetly not cold, and soak a few regular grocery store black tea bags into the water for a few minutes (during this time, take an Advil or other ibuprofen type based pain reliever to reduce swelling as well as the pain). When the tea has steeped into the water, soak the affected area (the tannic acid naturally found in black tea dramatically reduces the pain associated with household burns that do not require professional medical treatment). Once the area begins to feel better, do NOT rinse the tea off the skin; however, just GENTLY bandage the area with NON-STICK breathable (aka no plastic bandages). I hope this helps you should you ever have to endure the pain of burns. See also, the topic of sunburn.

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Oh my gosh, I saw this post after i had tried several other things. I cannot believe the immediate pain relief. I think I'll keep my hand soaking all night!!

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