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I have found a cure for MRSA that's extremely effective. I suffered a lot with it. I would sit and cry bc I would be in so much pain and I didn't know why I was getting them well I went to a dermatologist who told me I needed to use a antibacterial soap...most body washes aren't even high enough to get rid of bacteria on the skin like MRSA so I started using bars of soap for the HANDS! YES, HANDS! they have the highest percentage of antibacterial medication. I use a brand called SAFEGUARD. I also bought an antibacterial ointment that I buy at walmart like for cuts and after I shouwer I put it on my aftected areas and areas ive previously had boils just to ensure they don't come back and it works! I have a lot of scars from the mrsa but the boils have stopped coming at the rate they were. HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU! GOOD LUCK!

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