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So, one of the kids in our church has ringworm and I end up being infected because his mom didn't treat it (for whatever reason). I looked up home remedies and I came upon this site and read through tons of posts. What worked for me, well, is still working, is very vigorously exfoliating the ring worm (it's located on my left forearm) with my St. Ives apricot scrub (for acne) then dabbing it with vinegar. I used both white and apple cider because I ran out of white vinegar and used the other until I purchased more white. The white stings more, in my opinion. Then I cover the ring worm with an anti-fungal lotion called selenium sulfide, which my husband happened to have from a previous rash. I was using bandaids but the adhesive was irritating my skiing so I switched to gauze pads and an ace bandage and my skin is much happier. :) The vinegar seems to really have done the trick, even more so than the anti-fungal lotion. Oh, also when I rinse the ring worm to clean it before applying everything, I use the hottest water I can stand. The water and the vinegar both sting but it's not long and it's worth it because its working. This is day four of treatment and I've only been using the exfoliating/white vinegar/hot water treatment for one full day and it's worked wonders. I can see the ring worm drying up now. :)

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