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Vitamin D and Sunshine ... I've been struggling with scalp Psoriasis off and on for a couple of years. I tried all the OTC shampoos, then my Dr. prescribed some shampoo, all to no avail. She (my Dr.) told me I could take medication that might help, but if it worked, it would be a lifelong prescription. So I started looking elsewhere, places like this forum.

I noticed several people touting the benefits of Vit. D and Zinc supplements, then I noticed other people swearing that exposing it to sunshine is the answer. Then all of a sudden the appropriate synapse connections in my brain lite up, and I remembered my basic nutrition class in collage. No matter how much Vit. D you consume in any given day, it will literally go in one end, and out the other, unused, unless you expose some part of your skin to the sun as a catalyst to start the process of metabolizing it. PEOPLE NEED SUNSHINE!

Now I know all of the alarmist, anti skin cancer dermatologists are going to flame me, but it's the truth, and they can't argue with it. Human beings evolved in the sunshine, not in deep dark caves, but in the sun, and they need a little bit of it, often, in order to process any vit. D they consume.

Bottom line is, I started taking vit. D and Zinc supplements, and making sure I got a little sunshine every day. I'm not talking about a lot, I don't go to the beach and bake myself, I'm talking about going outside in a short sleeve shirt and no hat for at least 15-20 mins. each day ... that's all it takes. You don't even need to expose the areas where the Psoriasis is presenting itself, you just need to let some part of your skin be kissed by the sun, that's all it takes to let your body use it's vit. D.

I'm now Psoriasis free, I'm back on my Johnson's baby shampoo, I'm not taking any supplements, and the vit. D I get in my glass of milk is enough.

Dermatologists should pull their heads out of their butts, and encourage people to get a little sunshine. Not only does it not harm you ... IT'S REQUIRED BY MOTHER NATURE.

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I can't comment about it's effect on Scalp Psoriasis, but ETD is absolutely correct about vitamin D. If you expose more skin, ie. take your shirt off, ten minutes is probably enough.


I have had scalp psoriasis for 7 years and have tried everything! i changed so much and nothing but coconut water helped!
I admit my journey with psoriasis helped me to become super healthy but it also took a toll on my hair and wallet. I started working out 4 days a week. I quit drinking milk and eating sugar.
I started drinking lots of water and eating fish. I quit eating fast food entirely. I dropped 3 pant sizes but the psoriasis stayed. Thinking maybe the psoriasis was my body lacking some vitamin I began researching every vitamin and started taking all kinds of vitamin and mineral supplements. I also took probiatics. I started going outside for 30-1hr a day to get enough Vitamin D- sun.
We even built a water filtration system that filters the floured and checimals out of your water. Then i started washing my hair with health store shampoos that did more harm then anything. I went on the NO POO trend for 6 months that did nothing but make my hair super greasy with clumps of psoraiasis flakes. I got water filters for shower and tub. Finally my hair just started falling out all day long. If i ran my hand gently through my hair it would fall out and all day i would have hair falling out on my shoulders and on furniture and the floor. Thankfully i have super thick hair and the loss of hair just made my once beautiful, thick, long hair thin and limp. I finally gave up and shaved my head. I am a young adult female by the way so it was hard on my self esteem. I have never been vain or way into my looks but people do treat you different when you look different. When i heard about the miracle of coconut oil i started using it for almost everything and then i researched about coconut water and i found this sight and it changed my life. I made sure to get good coconut water not the cola brands so i went with Sprouts health food store C20 100% coconut water with pulp. There is No added sugar and it's low calorie and from young coconuts. After drinking 1-2 cans a day for 1 month my hair came back to life with full force and the psoriasis was completely gone! I now wash my hair with $1 suave and it's thick, healthy and just like i never had psoriasis! Thank you so much! Please people spread the word!

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