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my 11 year old westie cross came in from the garden with a tick on his head and my husband put lemon juice on it and it killed the tick instantly

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This meathod works very well thanks!


This worked very well on my cat. I do not know if it backed out or died, but it released and down the pipes he went!


They climb back out of drains. We had one climb back out a few hours later!!


I've been searching for a long time for a solution, reading the comments, I am very happy to know this remedy, without a lot of effort works. Thank you so much


Ticks are hard to kill, and it's dangerous to get their 'juices' on you.

One technique is to place then on a piece of duct tape (the sticky side) and fold it together (sticky to sticky) with tick inside.

Or place inside a sturdy tight container, preferably one you can see through, so you're sure it made it inside.

Or if outside place on a hard surface (like a large rock) and crush with a smaller rock by twisting and grinding it on top of them. And make sure to visually check for their squashed body.

No 'catch and release' when it comes to ticks.


Burn the tick till it pops


Excellent! My GSD had a tick on his TONGUE. We fed him lemon juice and within minutes it was gone!! Great advice! She


I just found out my 9week old puppie has ticks ! Im going to try this. Thanks for the hope!!!

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