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My story is the exact opposite of most here, got two rings in the groin area due to wearing damp pants while trekking, I really had 2 choices wearing no underpants or wearing damp pants lol, I chose the latter... didn't quite take it seriously for a week or so,then it started giving me serious itches and heat at night...I started browsing,looked for symptoms, arrived here, tried everything from mycoderm talc to lemon juice, to neem oil, neem leaves, turmeric, honey, papaya, garlic. I wanted to try apple cider vinegar but couldn't find it here.
I experimented all stuff on myself as I didn't quite wished to get checked in the groin area... shame being the motivator.
So lemon juice gave me stings but I slept over them, tried 4 or 5 of such 'therapies', but the patches turned into blisters, which broke after a while, emitted pus like thing and I had 2 rings in the same spot again. Tried neem oil and leaves almost everyday, but I think they showed very little effect inspite of me wishing it would. Then I consistently used mycoderm talc to keep the area dry, once again blisters, pus and 2 rings. Tried turmeric, papaya, honey, you name it, I have tried it ;)
After 1 and half months of doing it I said fuck this and decided to try the ultimate cure as people call it to be - Garlic. I was avoiding it for a long time as I was dreading the effect of garlic on my testicles along with chemical burns and not to forget the pain. Took around 8-10 cloves, put them in the mixer and applied the paste in the shower. My hands were reaching out for the shower to wash it off in under 30 seconds of applying it, but I gritted my teeth and held on for 30 minutes. The pain is massive for the first 5 minutes but starts receding after that....applying it on the testicles is not such a cool thing, just a forewarning.
It doesn't end here, I ignored it for that day, the next day I woke up to swollen testicles, draining pus, and hardly being able to walk....I was hoping that the pain it caused would atleast be worth it and heal me...but no, it worsened and after 1 and a half months of home remedies I finally decided to visit the doctor.
Needless to say I was miserable that day, hardly being able to walk, dragged myself into the dermatologists', got inspected pants down by 3 women... atleast it was nothing serious which was a relief. Got myself a prescription, followed it religiously for 7 days and now I am 99% healed. It just mildly itches but is receding.

Conclusion: Give yourself a deadline for home remedies of around say 1-2 weeks, if it doesn't heal go to the doctor. For some, home remedies will work instead of prescription medicines, hence give them a try, the above cures I mention have been consistently working for many but I have no idea why they didn't do the job for me. Check this link out : www dot howtocureringwormnow dot com (replace the dot and delete the spaces)... I am in no way adverstising it, a friend forwarded me this book, and inspite of the advertising which I thought was pathetic to sell to desperate guys, it really is a cool book from a genuine guy, has all the cures mentioned here and more. You can read it instead of going through all posts here out of desperation, like I did.
1 more thing I want to mention is, try the dermariche spray, I didn't find it anywhere but I have heard good reviews about it, you can buy it off the net I think, google it.

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poor guy.. I think I should go to the dermatologist first before taking home remedies


You may have started off with a mild case of ringworm, but you almost definitely got a secondary infection. Ringworm on its own doesn't cause the immune system to kick into high gear and start using white blood cells to the rescue which is what pus is. The groin has a lot of fatty sweat glands which grow bacteria (ringworm, or jock itch, is a fungus). You contracted a bacterial infection once the ringworm fungus started damaging the skin. Also you may have made things worse by scratching with hands and nails that may not have been that sterile.

Secondary infections can be much more dangerous than ringworm is, and should be seen by a medical professional as soon as possible.It can prevent pain, scarring, and even "blood poisoning" usually by taking a culture to determine which type of bacteria is involved, and providing antibiotics to treat the bacterial infection,and perhaps using a antifungal systemic oral treatment.

Ringworm fungus is annoying and can be debilitating and painful, and even cause scars, but it is rarely life threatening on its own except in people very immune compromised, however, secondary infections can be dangerous, and should be treated by professionals s soon as possible.

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