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I have found in my experience that the only thing that takes care of fleas on the dogs is a high end flea treatment such as Frontlines Top Spot, K-9 Advantix. I have siberian huskies, and their fur is so thick the little parasites have a lot of places to hide. But if you treat your dogs and you have fleas in your home, they will infest your dogs again, as soon as the treatment begins to wear off. I've found the best way to treat your home, other than a bug bomb where you and your pets cannot return for 24 hours, is boric acid. I get it at Dollar General, but I believe it's also available at Wal-Mart. I know, ACID?!? It's not that kind of acid. It's a powder, and it kills fleas almost instantly and its non toxic to you or your dogs. Just sprinkle on your carpets liberally, as you would any scented carpet powder, then vacuum thoroughly. Enough of the powder will remain below the surface to kill the fleas. Also, spread around outside dog lots and pens to keep them from jumping back on your dog and tracking them back inside, starting the nightmare all over again.

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Boric Acid is poisonous to your pets. Please don't use it. Do a search for is boric acid safe for pets please. It's a poison and your pets should NEVER be exposed to it.

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