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I tried EVERYTHING for adult diaper rash - Triple paste, destin, Vaseline etc. - nothing worked. I talked to my 87 year old mother and she told me to take a cotton ball and dust the affected area with corn starch and sleep in the nude. I swear to you, the rash was gone the next morning. It saved me the money and embarassment of a doctors appointment.

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No one needs to be embarrassed to go to a doctor. Your doctor sees everything you have all day long..they aren't embarrassed or surprised. Why in the world are adults feeling shame for their bodies? I just don't understand why that would keep someone from seeking help for a problem.


This other comment is stupid. She can feel the way she wants her advice was very helpful. I believe that's what the comment section is for


I can understand her statement-regarding embarrassment!!!...YOU have NO IDEA...what its like - when EVERYTHING is SWOLLEN and RED as a beet. AND I HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH BODY IMAGE!!!....BUT IT IS EMBARRASSING!!!!

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