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Hey guys its me again the person with 2 big anal warts and 3small ones.
ACV (Apple cider vinique) and aloe ddnt work for me. Now that i used my own remedie (Placing a toilet paper betwen my bottoms) it really help.

Good News:
All my warts are getting small. This is my 8th day of applying toilet paper. I cahnge them 5 times a day every 3 hours.

Try it ,it works.

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Hey am happy to tell that the toilet paper remedy works.its been four days nw and my warts are been removed wow thanx


Can u email me and tell me detail of how to do it please appreciate very much .help please


can u send me how to do it?am i going to put the toilet paper in my anus ? and thats it?


can you email me and tell me how to do it lilliethoms417@yahoo. com. thanks


Did you soak the toilet paper in ACV?

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