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FINALLY!! I'M FREE!! I started this treatment on June 21st and today is July 14th and I went shopping today for pretty sandals for the first time in 5 YEARS!! Here's what I did...I have (or should I say 'had'..Yay!!) the fungus on both of my big toes and one little one and I used to use a 'paste' of Ajax with bleach mixed with Vicks and would apply that and cover with a bandage. The fungus went away on two other small toes doing this but the fungus never quite completely went away on the big toes and the little one. Well, of course I was frustrated and perplexed and then it hit me...BLEACH!!!! I went to the store and purchased a bottle of CLOROX BLEACH GEL, cotton balls, bandages, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and Q-tips. That night I cut the nails as short as possible and then applied the alcohol and peroxide to each toe and let dry. I then tore a cotton ball into three parts, put a little of the bleach gel in a very small bowl and dipped each portion of cotton into the gel and then applied to each toe trying to be careful not to get the gel on the surrounding skin. I then covered with a bandage to secure the cotton and put on white cotton socks to protect my sheets and bedding. I applied more gel in the middle of the night with a Q-tip and re-applied the same cotton/bandage. In the morning I repeated the process and was able to use white socks with my required closed toe work shoes and the treatment worked all day. I re-applied the treatment when I got home. Some of the gel did hurt the skin area but I just applied Neosporin ointment around the nail and got better at being careful with the gel on the cotton ball. I have done this day and night for the past three weeks and I wish I could post a picture of my feet in my new pretty sandals!!! I'M FINALLY FUNGUS FREE!!!!

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is the bleach gel product used for cleaning toilets or for laundry? I couldn't find it, where can I get the product?


was the Vicks the 'Vicks Vapor Rub'


I used Vicks and wss gone and nails off within 2 months. Now just waiting for nails to finish growing back


I had white toenail fungus and then it went to all the toes on my left foot. The nail became thick and I kept cutting it low. I tried all kinds of things but not bleach. After trying things for over a year, I finally tried putting a little Neosporin on the nail and at the top area behind the nail and nails keep getting better and growing out normal. I just have the slightest white at the very top so almost gone after about 3 months of putting this on before I put my socks on. I am so happy that I finally found a cure.


I have a 6 yr old that has toe fungus on both feet. I'd like to use the Vicks paste. How much of each do I use to make the paste?


The bleach pens are found in the laundry soap department at the store . Why wouldn't anyone ask someone at the store for assistance if they can't find it? Dang

Peter M

Forget the gel and just use Neosporin. It works wonderfully. I have had nail fungus for 20 years and got rid of it by simply applying Neosporin all over the nail and putting a normal sock on and going about my usual day. In four weeks the nail looks perfect. Last year I did six months of Lamisil and it failed.


I’m so glad that I happened upon this post and information. I have had every other toe on my right foot beginning with a little in the middle toe and now towards the Big toe. I have tried many many over the counter fungus aids it wasn’t until my last visit where I regularly have a pedicure I shared my complaint the young lady recommended Ajax and bleach but I couldn’t recall this today and I’m glad I googled a home remedy trying to recall what the young lady was sharing with me. A few months ago . On a sidenote I have been so upset with my husband that has led to many arguments. I have said to my husband with his athletes feet and not cleaning the shower tub well has led to the fungus in my toenails he refused to believe me we now use different showers .

I knew it I knew it I knew it that my toes and the fungus spores that grew or because of his denial and refusal to do something about his ugly nails.

I am going to begin this regimen today June 2018 I love wearing pretty sandals in the summer it makes me feel feminine and pretty thank you for this post

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