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FINALLY!! I'M FREE!! I started this treatment on June 21st and today is July 14th and I went shopping today for pretty sandals for the first time in 5 YEARS!! Here's what I did...I have (or should I say 'had'..Yay!!) the fungus on both of my big toes and one little one and I used to use a 'paste' of Ajax with bleach mixed with Vicks and would apply that and cover with a bandage. The fungus went away on two other small toes doing this but the fungus never quite completely went away on the big toes and the little one. Well, of course I was frustrated and perplexed and then it hit me...BLEACH!!!! I went to the store and purchased a bottle of CLOROX BLEACH GEL, cotton balls, bandages, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and Q-tips. That night I cut the nails as short as possible and then applied the alcohol and peroxide to each toe and let dry. I then tore a cotton ball into three parts, put a little of the bleach gel in a very small bowl and dipped each portion of cotton into the gel and then applied to each toe trying to be careful not to get the gel on the surrounding skin. I then covered with a bandage to secure the cotton and put on white cotton socks to protect my sheets and bedding. I applied more gel in the middle of the night with a Q-tip and re-applied the same cotton/bandage. In the morning I repeated the process and was able to use white socks with my required closed toe work shoes and the treatment worked all day. I re-applied the treatment when I got home. Some of the gel did hurt the skin area but I just applied Neosporin ointment around the nail and got better at being careful with the gel on the cotton ball. I have done this day and night for the past three weeks and I wish I could post a picture of my feet in my new pretty sandals!!! I'M FINALLY FUNGUS FREE!!!!

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Hi did you have any nail polish on?? I wanna try this put I don't want to take off my polish since I am constantly in sandals.


Hi...No, no nail polish!! I've always heard that nail polish escalates the problem because the fungus likes to 'hide' in dark places and the nail polish provides a dark place on your toes and in fact that did happen to my toes when I applied polish for a trip to Vegas one summer...the fungus got worse!!...My advice is to take off the polish and tough out the treatment...(buy some cute Converse tennis shoes... The treatment works with socks on in closed toe shoes!!) only took me THREE weeks to be completely fungus free and I am now able to polish my toe nails again to wear with my sandals!!!


Hey , so I can't let the Clorox gel get on my skin? But what if I clipped the nail ?


So do you put the bleach on the actual toe or nail? I have a gap between my nail and toe skin in which I can see the fungus. My toe nail is lifted. Do I put it there


Hi...I used a piece of a cotton ball and dipped it in the Clorox Gel and applied it right on top of my toenail and secured it on with a bandage. At first some of the Gel did get on the skin surrounding the toenail and it burned a little but I then just applied the Neosporin ointment and got better with the application of the Gel/cotton ball on the nail. I always washed my feet, trimmed the nail as low as possible and then applied hydrogen peroxide/rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and then let the toes dry before applying the Gel. You've got to be consistent to get the quick results. Listen, even though the Bleach might burn the surrounding skin a little, I felt this was a very minor discomfort compared to having that horrible burning unsightly fungus!!


Be warned: bleach on ANY part of the body whether it be nail or skin is extremely toxic and can make you very sick. Especially in a cleaner such as Ajax that combines bleach with other cleaning solvents.


Hi again...In response to the 'bleach can make you sick' comment...In my original post I stated that I used a paste of Vicks mixed with Ajax with Bleach. This was advice that I received from my DOCTOR...This 'paste' did clear up the fungus on 2 of my little toes with no toxic side effects. I did go online to research the topical side-effects of bleach and other than its corrosive qualities and it is an irritant to the skin, I found nothing about it making you sick unless it is ingested or inhaled. I did find online that using a Bleach Pen would probably work just as well as the Bleach Gel and would be more convenient and less likely to get on the surrounding skin of the infected nail....This is a forum for people to post remedies that worked for them...I'm no expert or DOCTOR, just someone that was very frustrated with my 4-5 year battle with toenail fungus...Bleach, applied topically, WORKED FOR ME!! And, for the record, I did not get sick...


So the fungus was gone and had fresh clean nails in 3 weeks?


Yeah Im not sure I would use this persons advice on the bleach seems to me anyone can come through one of these forums and say whatever they want and we have no idea of they are telling the truth or not. It would probably be safe to put a diluted bleach substance on your tonenail but pure bleach no I wouldn't and really I know bleach kills germs but it also bleaches out the nail so are you really fungus free or have you just covered up the yellow color by bleaching it out.


An idea I saw elsewhere, but have found very handy, is to cut a finger off a pair of latex gloves and slide over the infected toe, which I coated with the Vicks. It is clear, stays on at night or during the day. I am hoping for good results from this treatment.

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