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I found out a couple of days ago I have GW.

I was gutted. I actually had what looked like a mole right at the top of the shaft of my penis and honestly thought it was a mole. I'm covered in the damned things so I never gave it a second thought.

I started a new relationship the other day and thought as it's summer I'll shave down below. Once again as I was using shaving foam, I really didn't see anything other than the original 'mole' but I noticed it was more fleshy. Again I didn't pay much attention to it as i've got many moles like that so thought I might get the doctor to remove it.

A couple of days later, I was washing and my eyes caught another two bumps, and on closer examination a couple of pin sized bumps.

I quickly Googled it up and I was gutted. Totally and utterly. More so as I'd had sex with a girl I was seeing and it gets worse as after I did see her, I realised I was totally in love with another ex from some time back and planned to break it up with her and get together with this other girl....permanently.

Although it doesn't exactly sound like it, I really don't sleep about and I use protection when I do. I feel as though my life is falling apart and I wonder if this girl who I knows loves me too will stay with me knowing I have this infection in me......

I know exactly where I got this infection from. My last long(ish) term girlfriend between May and September last year had to have given it to me. We had unprotected sex a couple of time but she was on the pill and assured me she was tested. I stupidly believed her.

Worst still, i thought I was totally clean as I got myself tested right after I split up with her and everything came out negative. When I asked my doctor specifically about HPV, she told me there is no HPV test for men.

I've been treating it with ACV so far and they instantly went white. The usual response with warts. The problem is however, the plasters have irritated my skin so I've had to take a break from it all and I've decided to man up and see the doctor this week.

I can't tell you how upset I am and feel very alone with it all right now.

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Hey there,

Ironically I have exactly the same problem relationship wise except i'm a female. Knowing you love someone you've been with before and you know loves you and you want to get back together with is making this whole GW issue really really hard to cope with emotionally. Where do i begin that conversation? You are not on your own though. I've semi talked myself round to a. not rushing back into the previous relationship, but to work on the friendship and companionship part first... remember there is a reason why you broke up in the first place! no need to rush in and make the same mistakes again. b. this will give you more time to heal 'down below'. c. when it really comes to the crunch you just have to hope that they love you as much as you think they do. If this girl is in love with you, she will love you 'warts and all!'. When it comes to the conversation see your doctor before hand, they can arm you with the facts you need to make the conversation as factual as possible. You can also suggest that she sees a sexual health expert to find out more if she wishes. Otherwise, use comdoms although she won't be fully protected.

Personally, i'm thinking of not having sex for the next 2 years! I may seem like i have some answers here, but really i'm finding this whole situation awful and hard to cope with emotionally very difficult... blame, hate, frustration, feeling worthless....

Hope you find some solace in my words though. Good Luck

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