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I don't what i did but this works!!!!!, I was suffering from a horrible boil located on the under part of my breast(below the nipple area)I couldn't do anything and was to the point of going to the E.R I couldn't move, sleep, anything The entire underneath part of my breast was swollen, red, hot to the touch, and very very painful with no indication of where the head of the boil would start from . I started the day with putting a turmeric paste on the area, and i did this and left it on for hours... no change in boil, i even drank a teaspoon of turmeric with a cup of coffee, and nothing.. I couldnt take it anymore and found this site, i was desperate.... I took a maxipad soaked it with water, rung out most of the water, then sprinkled turmeric powder on top, shook of excess, then applied baking powder, shook of excess, then put on baking soda, then toothpaste, then sprinkled with table salt...(don't wear clothes when doing this lol) and held the maxipad right on the area... and seriously within like 5 minutes, i feel something moving on my skin, there was no pain!!!!, just a moving feeling, since this was a last resort type of thing i wasn't expecting for it to make a different.. and assumed it was the baking soda fizzing and left it on, held it there for another 10 minutes and when i took it off the whole boil had burst completely!!!!! and i was in no pain!!!! all pain gone!!! SO i dont know what part of all those ingredients did the job, but it worked!!!! and super fast even though there was no determinable area where the head of the boil would be... If all else fails do this!!! I normaly dont post to things like this, but i was so amazed and relieved that i had to share and maybe help another person in as much pain as i was, this was instant results!!!! I've tried the heated bottle, turmeric paste alone, warm compresses on other boils and none worked like this combination!!

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Sofia DuBelle


I had an abcess some 20 yrs ago in my groin and didn't even know it was there until I fell down the stairs with my 4yr old son in my arms. Was rushed to hospital for a Emergency Operation.
Now 20yrs on, it's back but in my Armpit to my Right.
I've always had a ridiculous fear of needles since I was a child.

I hope it works as good for me as it did for you because I feel half paralysed with this disgusting lump between my arm and tissue breast.

I will report my results back TONIGHT.


So what happened???? Im dealing with two parallel from each other on each side of the outer lips of my v, so I can't even walk or sleep right anymore....


tried it with no luck :(


GO TO THE DOCTOR silly!!! you have a staph infection, boils can spread to other open tracks and if you have 2 mirroring boils they have done just that.


This did not work at all just made matters worse.


This didn't work at all! And omgosh does it sting!


Thank you so much, I was in the worse pain from a boil on my butt. I thought that I was the only person that suffered from these. The tooth paste, turmeric, and baking so combo worked in like 15 minutes.

What have you use to help that area heal? I have used black salve.


God, I feel like I sholud be takin notes! Great work

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