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16 Comments for the Dark Circles Under Eyes Home Remedy

paul schroeter

For dark spots under the eye.
Use preparation H (DO NOT GET IN THE EYE) plus it tightins the skin. helps your skin tight.

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Personally, I thought the ass face comment was pretty funny. Why are YOU so concerned with how people present themselves in the comment section of a home remedy page? If being rude here makes people look bad, you should see some of those ass faces... they look really bad.


I had spots on my face and the dermotologist wrote me a perscription for Hydroquinone USP 4% that was very spendy. When I went to pick it up at the pharmacy the pharmacist (a person I have always trusted for years)suggested preparation H-he said it had the same ingredients and works just as well. No doctor $ or waiting to get in for an appointment. I trusted the pharmacist and it was great. I decided to try it for my dark circles under my eyes and it was awesome. You have to be consistant with it but don't overdue it. He suggested to use it two times a day faithfully. No more dark circles for this 50+ lady!!!


I'm reading all your comments on trying this remedy and am very disappointed. Calling people ASS FACE is immature and perhaps you should go to another site or find something else to do with your time. Grow up before you use this site.


Take ur middle finger and stick it in ur anus , leave it there for about 5 mins. Take it out and gently rub under the eyes. Wait 15 mins , if no results and hemmorhoids began to develope, revert back to the prep-H trick . By this time you should be taking ur face to a proctologist !


isn't that for piles also known as heamorroids. thats just weird


What is preperation H?

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