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paul schroeter

For dark spots under the eye.
Use preparation H (DO NOT GET IN THE EYE) plus it tightins the skin. helps your skin tight.

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DO NOT GET IN THE EYES? Are you kidding me? This will not go anywhere near my face, PERIOD! Unless, that is, I develope hemorrhoids on my eyes.


Did not work for me


Creams that are used under the eyes which is actually treatment for Hemahhrods (apologies for spelling error), is VERY DANGEROUS.

It actually results in the thinning of the skin and because the under-eye area is naturally thin and delicate, you can cause more harm than good.

I would suggest NOT trying before commenting as someone mentioned in another comment!!!!!


actually this used to be an industry secret, but preperation h changed their ingredients and the one that is most useful for dark circles is not in the new formula.


Hmm...Im Not Sure, But I Heard Ass Cream DOES Tighten The Skin, Making In Look Younger. So....Hmm...IDK.


I'm a 32 year old fem and i totally remember back in the 80's when my mother and the other dancers would b backstage fighting over who had the prep-H last and where the F** was it! But, yes sadly the formula has changed.

'A spokesperson for Whitehall-Robins, maker of Preparation H, informed
us that the product 'helps shrink hemorrhoidal tissue and is not meant
for the area around the eyes. There is no clinical evidence to support
that it reduces eye puffiness.' She said they get this question less
frequently than they used to, perhaps because Prep H has been
reformulated. One of the ingredients that supposedly reduced puffiness
was 'live yeast cell,' but this is no longer part of the recipe.'

So the question is...does any1 know where to get their hands on some 'live yeast cell'??? lol


Ass cream under the eyes will help with dark circles....i doubt it....


It's the shark liver oil that shrinks the bags and puffiness under the eyes. That's why top models have used Prep-H for years before a show!!


And, if you're an ASS FACE, you probably need this on a daily basis anyhow~~


this is weird - why are people being so rude here? it makes you look very bad, whoever you are...

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