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I have to start with first saying thank you to this site!!!!! I have had bv for a little over a year and I think I have found something that has worked for me after reading a post on here. Like most other women I have been to my gym countless times. I have taken 5 different medications. My gyn even recommended boric acid after she spoke with an infectious disease doctor, that worked about a month rather than a week weeks. Anyways I used a douche of 70% water and 30% peroxide. I just bought a cheap summer eve's douche and emptied it out and also rinsed it well. Right after the douche, I inserted a tampon saturated in Greek non fat and plain yogurt. I took the tampon out of the plastic and coated it with the yogurt and just inserted it with my finger. I had the tampon in for 2 hours and took it out. When I took it out no more discharge and for the first time I have felt fresh and clean down there. Although it has only been 2 days, still nothing. The only downfall I have a complaint with, I soon noticed slight pain in my pelvic area. Believe me I would rather deal with the little pain then with the discharge, although I do have a cyst on my only ovary left so I do have some cercerns so of course I am going to see my gyn next week. Hopefully this has helped someone.

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what Type Of Yogurt Did You Use?


tried this & my symptoms are gone within hours! yay! i will continue for a few days & then see what happens a few days off the treatment. tired of antibiotics, so glad to have found this solution. thanks!

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