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I have had it twice in the past few weeks, and both times it was after using a certain lip gloss- sounds weird- but I rarely use lip gloss and the two times I used it, both times, i get the painful crack in the side of my mouth. Not sure if it is an allergic reaction, or a coincidence, but rarely EVER have I had this, so I am thinking the two are corrolated. I found that using plain ole Blistex helps with the pain and helps with the healing. The blistex that is in the little metal tub-

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I got this for the first time about a week ago and have had it all week. Trying to figure out what was causing it, i came to the conclusion that it was a new lip gloss. It is the only thing that is different about my routine and i can't think of any other explanation. Not only are the corners of my mouth affected, but all along the vermilion border of my lower lip has formed a strange dry skin that won't go away. I have read that while perhaps less common, angular cheilitis can be caused by sun screen/lotion/lip stick/lip gloss/anything that for whatever reason is an irritant to your skin. After coming to this conclusion i have stopped using the lip gloss and i hope everything will clear up soon. If not, at least i have good resource for treatments!

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