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Masturbation is proven to be very effective for taking rls away for a bit. I know no one likes to talk about it but there it is.

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Carlos Danger

Hey Kim: I did have fun!! - especially the part where you sent Ralph to a real death camp. I never liked him either. I wonder if the daily diet of one turnip and acorn coffee will cure his restless legs, hehehehehe! When I become mayor, you can visit me. No Big Pharma!

Carlos Danger

Dear Kim: I was wondering if I could stay with you a while. I lost the race for mayor and Huma went back to being one of Hillary's girlfriends.

Kim Jong - un

Carlos: You no mayor, you no can come back! You TOO creepy. And send back naked pics my agents took of B.H.O. in Chicago bath house.


Lol. Works great for me... Till I'm done playing.

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